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What's Underneath The Cap

What do you get when you mix a car and a handful of Sharpie's?

Sharpie car

As a car guy, I get lost in this sort of thing – it’s really beautiful. In this case, artist Chris Dunlop, also known as Pinstrip Chris, turned this 1970 Cutlass into a rolling art piece.

Armed with nothing but a hand full of different sized Sharpie's, Chris went to work.

Watching from my camera as Chris drew each line,

I noticed new details and patterns I hadn’t noticed

before. He works quietly, with surgical precision,

stopping only to stretch or get a new Sharpie.

Our cars are like an extension of our personalities,

they harness the power of explosions to take you to

triple digit speeds, take you around corners at

mind-bending G-forces. Cars are some of the most

beautiful machines to ever grace this planet and

become the perfect canvas for art.

I like to bring a car to the edge of its ability — that’s when it shows you its personality. It's the same feeling I get when I take a picture. Pushing myself and my ability to create something unique.

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