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Passing through

How do I prefer to 'see' the world?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” Tibetans believe, once in their life, a pilgrimage to Lhasa is of exalted purpose and moral significance. I can not say for sure that my travels as a commercial photographer

have fulfilled that moral purpose in my life. It has however, given me the opportunity

to learn just how different, yet the same we all are. I try to see the world through the people who live in it, and in the culture they share.

The people I see work.

Work is the secret behind social progress and the defining characteristic of man. Work as we see it, is a virtue and a necessity. In times of uncertainty, interdependence and market economy, the individual has to rely on his work to ensure his own well-being. Work provides the individual with the ability to be independent, to flourish, to develop, and most importantly, to find a meaning to life.

I try to take pictures of the people who make our everyday better. The people we walk past, the ones who serve us, the dirty faced. Their story is that of pride and family as they create a better life for their children.

Yet they are quick to share a meal and culture with a stranger. Maybe this is my pilgrimage, my purpose to tell their story.

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